Volvo Ocean Race Galway 2012

The Volvo Ocean Race is the world’s most prestigious offshore race. The Festival was held in Galway in July 2012 and SSE was delighted to be appointed with the contract for the onsite cleaning for the duration of the event.

The Festival in Galway was held in two areas: the Race Village and the Global Village.

The Race Village

The Race Village, which hosted the crews, offered top-class entertainment, a host of concessions and was the base for the on-water events throughout the festival.

The Global Village

The Global Village hosts some of the major events of the festival in the Global Arena, attracting the most influential business people in Ireland and internationally.

The Global Arena in the Global Village held functions up to 2500 people which SSE would ensure the function room was cleaned and prepared for the next event to take place.

SSE had a crew of over 40 staff working two shifts with Team Coordinators to ensure all areas were covered at all times.

SSE were the first on site every morning and the last to leave at night to ensure that the Race Village and Global Village was clean and tidy for the next day’s events.

More than 820,000 people attended events during the first five days of the festival with final figures close to the million mark, over the 9 days, so it was a massive festival for SSE to be part of.

SSE worked hard to maintain the highest standard of cleaning to ensure the Global Village & Race Village was clean and tidy for all the hundreds and thousands of people that passed though every day.

SSE would like to thank all the people for their feedback and great comments on how clean and well the Global Village & Race Village looked after SSE’s hard work.

We’re looking forward to the Volvo Ocean Race coming to Galway again.