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Cleanroom Training

SSE currently offer the following training courses:

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We deliver training either on location at client sites or at our purpose built training facility in Galway, within a state-of-the-art Cleanroom Environment.

Training Support for In-House Programmes

Prior to organising an in-house Training Programme, a Cleanroom Audit can be performed in order to examine specific problems / issues within the Cleanroom Environment. For example, Environmental Monitoring Trends, current Cleanroom Processes, Methods and Behaviours.

This allows the tutor to further tailor the training programme to suit specific client requirements.

A Cleanroom audit looks at:

  • Current relevant procedures.
  • The current level of GMP within the Cleanroom and supporting areas.
  • The Cleanliness and Housekeeping of the Cleanroom environment.
  • Effective Contamination Control Practices and Methods and Personal Behaviour.

A detailed report featuring observations, suggestions and recommendations will be submitted to the client as to how the standard of GMP can be improved. Any suggestions or changes taken on board by the client can then be rolled out as part of the Training Programme.

A follow up Audit can be performed after the training has been completed in order to review improvements in Contamination Control practices that have been put in place by the client and to offer further guidance and support as required.

Cleanroom Audit

Course materials

All attendees will be provided with a course manual including a full set of PowerPoint slides and accompanying notes. Each serves as an excellent source of reference following the programme.


All SSE courses are accredited by the International Cleanroom Educational Board (ICEB) and approved by the Irish Cleanroom Society (ICS). Certificates are issued by the ICEB to those that obtain a pass result.

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