SSE Supervisor Sandra Finnerty talks to the Galway Independent

Sandra Finnerty, Position: Supervisor, Galway

Sandra FinnertySandra has been with SSE for over ten years.

“I used to work under Mary when she was a supervisor in another company, so I know her a long time.”

As SSE is quite a large company, Sandra’s role mainly involves managing the buildings, staff and cleaning and making sure that everything is running smoothly and at 110 per cent as Mary would want it.

Sandra speaks fondly of Mary and the success of the company, describing Mary as a “perfectionist” but also “fair”.

Talking about the high standards of SSE, she says, “Everything would have to be at 110 per cent”.

She says Mary wants everything to be the best that it possibly can be while also being very kind and fair to her staff. Sandra says that she works hard but at the same time there is no major pressure put on her as there is great team work. Sandra adds that she loves her job and describes Mary as a “good boss” and a “good friend”.