Cleanroom Cleaning

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At SSE we provide Ireland and the UK’s most interactive and ICEB accredited Cleanroom and Contamination Control Training.

The interactive, one day, programme offers participants, from a variety of different backgrounds, the opportunity to work together in exploring challenges, solving problems and finding solutions to issues that are relevant to all businesses working within Cleanroom Environments.

Courses can be booked on an individual basis for people wishing to up-skill in the area of contamination control.

Alternatively group bookings are welcome. Please contact us for special rates on group bookings. Prior to organising an in-house Training Programme, a Cleanroom Audit can be performed in order to examine specific problems / issues within the Cleanroom Environment in your organisation. For example, Environmental Monitoring Trends, current Cleanroom Processes, Methods and Behaviours. This allows the tutor to further tailor the training programme to suit specific client requirements.

Contamination Control practices are an essential element of working within Cleanroom Environments and have never before been so vitally important to so many industries.

This Cleanroom Technology course has been delivered to over 800 individuals from the Pharma and Medical Device sectors in recent years.

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Our Unique Approach

  •  We adopt a unique industry best cleaning approach that ensures future success and quality at all times.
  •  Development of detailed cleaning schedule that ensures the agreed cleaning are paramount.
  •  Daily, weekly and monthly monitoring from senior management ensures any strategy gaps are identified very early in the contract and adopted if necessary.
  •  Full onsite training provided to all staff backed up by video training resources.

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